Note Your Network

NoteWork is a network assistant application for professionals. As an application, NoteWork assists its own users in terms of network management which has a crucial role in professional life. It enables to not forget or remember your contacts when it is needed.


Bring together your Gmail contacts with the contacts in your directory in NoteWork, add people who already registered to the NoteWork as an addition to all of these, you can create new profiles to add your contact list. Thanks to these you can organize, arrange and merge all of your contacts in one application.


Taking Notes

NoteWork promotes you to take notes concerning your people with asking questions about contact’s critical features. With doing so, NoteWork helps you to classify, specialize and remember your network. These notes make you prepare for future conversations in terms of needed information. These notes are totally private and personal, only you can see them.


With the search engine inside the application, you can search on all the notes and the names. It enables you to find out all contacts related to “word”. You can remember easily your contacts and their specialties with this feature.



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